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hinkle document preparation

Handle Your Legal Disputes Yourself - Pro Se

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  • Owned and operated by Judith E. Byrd

  • Private Business Owner-Manager

  • Notary Public

  • A resident of Sebring in Highlands County since 1984.

  • Christian-owned

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Judith Byrd and her late husband, Jim Hinkle, started Hinkle Legal Document Preparation after working for a law firm and having noticed a large number of people who needed help to file a case with the courts who had to walk away when they learned they were unable to afford the firm’s fees.


Judith and her husband had experienced the same financial obstacle themselves prior to working at the Firm and knew the fear and the disappointment this created. After their employer passed away, they took two and a half years of courses educating themselves on the procedures involved. They learned that people have the right to legally represent themselves, in a process called pro se (for yourself).


They decided to open their own business preparing legal documents for those who couldn’t afford to hire an attorney. Over the past 14 years, this has proven to be a very rewarding profession for Judith in being able to help others.

The steps are fairly simple. Judith obtains the required information from her customers and assembles it in the appropriate legal format. Then they file the papers with the Clerk of Court themselves and have their needs met at a fraction of the cost of hiring an attorney, with the same results.


The only real differences are Judith does not give legal advice, though she can provide information, and she cannot represent them in court.

Many more people are learning this approach around the nation, and it is
slowly becoming common knowledge. Even folks who are able to afford an attorney are taking advantage of this affordable approach.

Learn more about Judith and how she can help.

Hinkle Legal Doc Prep, Judith Byrd
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